Step by step

1. Get in contact

First contact me by e-mail or by phone. You can provide me with dates, duration of your stay and the number of people you will be with.

2. Tell me about you

Your request received, we will be in touch (per e-mail, phone or skype) to go over your stay, your wishes, your tastes, your expectations, and budget. I will then provide you with my first suggestions of activities and itineraries.

3. Confirm booking

Once you are satisfied with my program proposals for your personalized visit, you will be asked a deposit of 30% to confirm the booking.

4. Make the most of your trip to Marseille!

On your arrival in Marseille, I will personally greet you, and we proceed to the payment of the remaining 70%.

To get in contact, just send me an e-mail or call me: +33 6 26 89 24 78

Frequently asked questions

What does toctocMarseille mean ?

toctoc” is the sound you make when knocking at a door (« knock knock »). When you knock at Marseille door, it is I, Laurianne, who will greet you!

What is the difference between toctocGuide and toctocPlanner ?

toctocPlanner is a service for tips and advice. It consists in research, before your arrival, of useful information to make the most of your stay and preparing it easier. It may be to find activities (boat excursions, wine tasting…), a place (restaurant, museum…), or service providers (taxi…) which you may need. It also includes suggestions for a taylor made program adapted to the duration of your stay, your tastes and budget. A meeting will be set upon your arrival to provide you with all necessary information and documents. During your stay, you may ask me any questions, anytime, for you to enjoy Marseille at its best.

With toctocGuide I will accompany you on private guided tours. Depending on your tastes, I will prepare you a taylor made itinerary to discover Marseille and its surroundings. Walk around the city with, and as a true local.

How much does it cost ?

toctocPlanner service is charged from 99€ per group for 1 day stay. Everything is personalised so please ask me for a quotation.

toctocGuide service is charged from 120€ for a private and personalized visit. Price depend on how many people and how long, please ask me for a quotation.

How do we pay ?

A deposit of 30% will be required to confirm the booking, by Paypal or bank transfer. The remaing amount (70%) will be paid on the day by cash.

Who will be our guide ?

I created my company, and work, alone. Therefore I will be your unique contact person. I will be greeting you in Marseille upon your arrival, and accompany you on your visits accross the city.

In which language are the visits ?

The visits are in french, engliash or german.

How long do the visits last ?

I offer 2 hours, half day (3-4 hours) or full day (7-8 hours), with a lunch break included) visits. Since my service is taylor made, anything is open to discussion, so we can consider any specific requests.

Are big group visits possible to organise ?

Yes, toctocMarseille offers taylor made services, so anything is possible! I however rather small groups, in order to be more available for my visitors and adapt better to their requests.

How are service providers and activities selected ?

I have lived in Marseille for many years, and I know the region well. I select activities, places, or service providers which I personally know or which have been recommended to me. According to your requests, I will choose those most adapted to you. Please note I do not earn any commission from the partners I select for you.

How is toctocMarseille born?

I have always taken a lot of pleasure out of preparing outings for me and my friends, holidays, parties, and I am often called upon for ideas or tips. I also travel a lot and I always find more pleasant to discover a destination accompanied by someone who knows the place and who will help me divert from the touritic paths. The idea then naturally came to become a holiday planner in Marseille, as I have lived in the region for many years, I know it well and I love living here. It is a more and more praised destination, with a changing reputation, and people from accross the world curious to visit the city. I wanted to show my city in its best possible way and help visitors make the most of their stay and holiday in Marseille with tips from a local. This is how toctocMarseille is born.

Why should I choose toctocMarseille ?

Thanks to toctocMarseille, visitors will get to discover the city in an authentic way and discover unusual places. They are things to do for every taste, and my goal is to help you enjoy the most your holiday. I have lived in the south of France for over 10 years, and I know the region very well. I have hiked in many places, I often go off with the train, boat or car to discover new places. I am adventurous and sporty, and I have explored many places by foot, bike, or swimming. I have up until now worked in the cultural sector, event planning, and I know the Marseille artistic and cultural offer well. Adding to that, planning a holiday abroad takes a lot of time and it is not always easy to find the right information. I provide this service. I also find it a lot more interesting to discover a city through the eyes of one of its inhabitants, which makes your stay unique and more authentic.