Le Panier

Le Panier

Where it all began

Le Panier is the oldest neighborhood of Marseille, the historic district of the city. It is here where the greeks have built the city of Massalia, in 600 years B.C. Massalia then extended over three hills with the butts of Moulins, in the center.

The small streets

Its name comes from the hotel "Le Logis du Panier" which gave its name to the street and the neighborhood. Its narrow streets always remember that it is one of the oldest parts of the city.

There are three typical and friendly places, the famous Place de Lenche (ancient Greek agora), the square of Lorette accessible by the passage of the same name located in the rue de la République and Place des Moulins, completely perched top of the hill.

This is in this district that you can admire the Vieille Charité, a beautiful historic building with its exceptional architecture. True symbol of old Marseille, its construction was decided in 1640 to house the poor and the beggars in the city.

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Le Panier is mainly pedestrian. It is 5 minutes from the Old Port. Several designer boutiques are located in the small alleys, where you can find nice souvenirs.

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