Frioul archipelago

Frioul archipelago

The Frioul is an archipelago located about 7 km off Marseille with four islands, included the island of If, where is built the famous castle Chateau d'If.

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Frioul is a district of Marseille, attached to the 7th arrondissement. There is a marina with more than 600 seats, lined with concrete constructions of the 1970s. 70 people live year on the islands. On the south island of Pomègues, we find beautiful coves and turquoise waters and on Ratonneau, a sandy beach.

Le Frioul

If Castle is a fortification that was built under the instructions of King François 1er. First built for the defense of the territory, it will become a prison.

Le château d'If

The Castle was made famous by Alexandre Dumas, with his novel "The Count of Monte Cristo." The site, one of the most visited in Marseille with an average of 100,000 visitors a year, is a historical monument since 1926.

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